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85 Homes Sold in 2013: $1,734,220.00 / 53 Homes Sold YTD: $1,109,165
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Winter Texan Home Sales - Partner Program

How We Benefit Your Park!

Getting your name out to the thousands of Winter Texans is vital.  By partnering with Winter Texan Home Sales manufactured properties for sale in your community are listed on our website which received over 182,419 views as December 2013 since the site was launched in March of 2012.

Our services attract potential residents by making homes for sale in your park easy to discover. We also help retain seasonal guests by clearly marketing current listings and promoting the benefits of year round ownership in your park.

In addition we display provided literature and brochures about your park at all trade shows we attend and in our sales office. As an added bonus a special page containing information and pictures of your park is made available to all visitors in our park directory.

We also offer incentives for placing literature in your front office or placing a link to on your parks website. Don't have a website or in need of an updated site, we can help you with that! We have partnered with a local vendor and offer deep discounts off web site design when your new site links back to

To sum it all up, free marketing that benefits your bottom line! Give us a call today to find out more... (956) 782-3587

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